Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Auntie's Kolomee

Months ago, I saw a friend of mine liking a new page and appeared on my Facebook newsfeed which got me curious and decided to click on the link. Then I found out it is a new home eatery named "Auntie's Kolomee" and it got me really excited and immediately 'jio' my friends to try it out haha!

I read up the page, browsed the photos on its albums and oh man, those kolomee sure looks so yummylicious! And immediately I phoned up the eatery so that I could order some noodles to cure my kolomee crave! (Additional info: One of the food that I miss the most during confinement period was actually kolomee!). Unfortunately, the person in charge told me that they don't accept last minute order because their business is still developing so they usually don't prepare the food in large portion. Thus, when I made the call their noodles and braised meat have already sold out. Therefore if you're to order from them, make sure you phone them a day earlier to place your order or at least few hours before.

For example, if you wanna collect the noodles for your dinner at 7pm, make sure that you call to make your order at about 1pm or 2pm latest.

The kolomee and braised meat not only look good in photos but taste as delicious as it looks too! I love the type of noodles being used as it is not so starchy and the sauce that this Auntie uses is the gravy from the braised meat which is rather unique and helps in adding more aroma and flavor to the noodles!  

Although the price of the basic kolomee cost $2 per packet but the Auntie is so generous is giving many types of toppings like braised eggs, braised meat and fish cake. Not to forget, every time when I order, Auntie would also give me bottles of home blended chili and extra gravy so that the noodles won't taste so dry. She is so thoughtful! Also, the noodles are packed in take away boxes which is more environmental friendly. They also provide delivery service too but only to certain areas and it is only for order worth $20 above.

For more information regarding the Auntie's Kolomee, please search for their page on Facebook. Their contact number and menu are all stated on their page.

It is really worth trying!!!

The phoenix claws cost $1 for 4 and in this picture you can see a bottle of blended chili given free by Auntie

Kolomee Special which cost $3.50 

They also serve Kolo Mee Pok

Braised Chicken Special set which cost $4.50 

There was once which Auntie gave me extra phoenix claws and sauce for free! She is just too kind lar! 

The Braised Chicken Wings cost $1.20 for each 

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Thanis Lim said...

Quite a homey style cooking - I haven't gotten the time to try this yet - maybe in near future.