Monday, January 23, 2012


Happy Chinese New Year to all my fellow readers!

The Hungryduo hereby wishing all of you have a healthy, wealthy and prosperous new year. May God of Fortune stay by your side all the time and do remember to drive safe on the road during house visiting. And most importantly, don't forget to have fun and HUAT AH!!!!!!

And now enjoy this Chinese New Year music video made by our local blogger Mr. Tiger Lim!

Credit: Tiger Lim


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sri Lembayung, Kiulap

Just a few days before examination in the previous semester, I had a chance to meet up Kang and Sheena (also known as DJ Madison from UBDFM) and had lunch together.

Due to that Kang was going to Kiulap to pick up some study materials thus we decided to just dine in that area. However, the three of us couldn't decide where to dine as we were eager to try out something new and honestly speaking, I think we have tried out almost all the eateries in this area. And then, suddenly I remembered there was a newly established Indonesian restaurant located in Kiulap thus I whatsapped them urgently and we all agreed to try it out.

This new Indonesian restaurant is named Sri Lembayung. It is situated on the ground floor in Seri Purnama Complex; the building behind HSBC Kiulap.

I guess most of you are aware that one of the most recognition Indonesian dishes is Ayam Penyet. However, Sri Lembayung is actually trying to introduce another significant Indonesian dishes to the locals which is Nasi Padang.

Some of you might be confused what is Nasi Padang and if you do have time, you might wanna read it up here. But in my own dictionary, I think it is similar to Nasi Campur in Brunei or Nasi Kandar in Malaysia. The concept of these three types of dishes are pretty much the same except for the different names given and as well as the different of cultural backgrounds have shaped it.

I would say if you wish to understand more of the Indonesia food culture then perhaps Nasi Padang at Sri Lembayung is a good start for you. The restaurant would prepare few varieties of Indonesian dishes for patrons to choose the dishes they want to try daily. And they even have set lunch menu available which is much cheaper when compared to ala carte. Not only Nasi Padang, Sri Lembayung also serves Sate but I have yet to try it as I thought it was too expensive.

It was rather a good dining experience for three of us and I love the bird cages! Haha I seriously don't know why I like it and even Sheena also went "AWW!" when she saw the bird cages haha!

Authentic Padang Food :)

Ala Carte Menu

Set Menu

Cozy ambience in the restaurant

The bird cages I was talking about haha!

The restaurant's interior

The friendly staffs! And this is also the area where dishes are displayed

Indonesian snacks


Sheena ordered this Begedil to try out and it tasted quite nice :)

My lunch!

Sayur lodeh - extra ordered by Sheena

Hunnie Signing Off~

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby Cooper!

In last November 2011, we welcomed a new family member and named it Cooper and obviously enough, the name is derived from the car brand Mini Cooper hehe

Since its arrival, it has really brought lotsa joy to the family and of course created lotsa funny epic moments haha! For example, Cooper loves his pink towel and toy ball a lot. He loves them so much that whoever snatches them away from him, he would go after to chase it back. He hates bathing so much that he would start playing hide and seek if he sees his dog shampoo bottle. And after bathing, he likes to roll on the grass which seriously made the effort of bathing him wasted =________=

Cooper has got the innocent looks just like the character "Puss In The Boots" in Shrek and this is why Hubby really dotes him a lot and always feed him with good food haha!

Anyways, below is a short video which was taken in December 2011 when Cooper attempted to bite and eat grass like a cow haha! Enjoy the video!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Babu's Kitchen (New branch at Gadong Central)

With most entrepreneurs choosing to establish their businesses in areas such as Gadong, Kiulap and now, Airport area now, I ever wondered which type of business industry would Gadong Central become.

But little did I know it is a new hot spot for our local food industry.

If you're local, you should already know that old Gadong is well known for the area where countless car garages are located. But other than that, it is also known as an area where many of our local signature kopitiams are located such as Jing Chew, Sing U Me, Tasty Corner and many more.

Thus, with the opening of new concept restaurants in Gadong Central, it is for sure that it would bring in some new elements to our local food scene.

So today, am gonna share some pictures of Babu's Kitchen which is located at the Gadong Central :)

Honestly, even before the establishment of Babu's Kitchen first branch in CBD area, my cousins and I have always been their loyal customers. It could also be said that we had spent part of our childhood walking hand in hand, blocks to blocks just to purchase some drinks to quench our thirst. At that time, it was still a home business which was located very close to where we stayed (just few steps away!). It was indeed a good ol' memories which we all shared!

Anyways, if you've never heard of Babu's Kitchen then you should give it a try very soon!

My family are actually fans of Babu's Kitchen but due to the location of its first branch (in CBD area), chances of us dining there is very slim as you know how hard it could be to get a good parking spot in bandar area. But now with the opening of their new branch in Gadong Central, it has really eased the parking problems and I can just drop by any time, any day I want!

All I can say is I really like its new branch; it is soooo spacious and even has 2 VIP rooms! I personally think that it is really a very good spot especially for tea session with friends.

Again, if you're new to Babu's Kitchen then perhaps you wanna try out these dishes of theirs which I personally think are must try!

#1 Laksa
#2 French Toast
#3 Chicken Sandwich
#4 Rojak
#5 Fried Emperor Noodles (Huang Ti Mian)
#6 Fried Flat Noodles (Kueh Teow)
#7 Meat Dumplings (水饺)
*Not in order

I've visited this new branch for numerous times and one thing that I never get bored of ordering is their French Toast! I highly recommend this and not to forget their chicken sandwich!

Very spacious!

One of the VIP rooms

Teh C Special

Chicken Sandwich

The fillings

Kolo Mee with Dumplings (highly recommended by the lady boss)


Hunnie Signing Off~

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Birthday brunch at Atrium Cafe, The Empire Hotel

Hey people! How's new year been treating you so far?

This is a long awaited post which I was supposed to post it last year but I didn't get to hehe
My mom celebrated her 50th birthday last month (or last year :P) and we had family brunch at Atrium Cafe. It wasn't my first time having buffet at Atrium Cafe thus there wasn't anything special to mention. But if I really have to then it would be their pasta station which patrons could choose the type of pasta they would like to have and type of sauce based on their preference. The chef would cook on the spot for you and serve to you while it's still hot. What I love most was actually the chocolate fondue! :D

Total amount of the bill was almost $80 for 5 adults and Hubby was eligible to free meal due to his Empire Select membership.

Drinks menu


Raspberry yogurt, my favourite!

Ordered Earl grey tea for daddy and mommy :)

Fancy for some Gado-gado?

There were quite a lot of tourists dining with us on that day

The pasta station that I mentioned

Noodles station

Roasted beef


Nasi briyani was served on that day too

Roti John; I still prefer 'pasar malam' version :P

Seafood on ice but why no oysters :(



Unlimited serving of unagi!

Char Siew Chicken

Hainese Chicken Rice was on the menu too

Nuggets and deep fried brinjal


Butter Egg Crabs

We ordered a plate of carbonara pasta

Hubby's first round :D


Mommy said this was yummy


Chocolate fondue


Hunnie Signing Off~