Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Carvery & Grill Night at Tasek Brasserie, Radisson Hotel

When I first saw the poster of this Carvery & Grill dinner buffet, it really turned me on and immediately, I posted a message on twitter calling out my buffet kaki to try it out with me! Just awhile after I posted it, Seck Kiat replied and said that he would love to join us; of course can lar bro! So after a week, we arranged a date and time to dine in together with my Forever Mean friends SKY and Hwa.

The buffet is only available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night from 6.30pm to 10pm. The price is $25 per person which this price is nett, in other words, no extra charges (unless you order any other beverages or food from the ala carte menu). For a well renowned hotel like Radisson, such price rate for a full course buffet is really worth; just having few pieces of the Wagyu beef spare ribs already could make you get back what you gonna pay for :P

There were few buffet stations such as Appetizer where you can make your own salad by selecting the ingredients you want as well as the dressing. Then it came to soup and other food such as fried rice, grilled carrots, yam, corn cobs, roasted potatoes with olives as well as ice cream and other desserts like cakes, pudding and etc. So, until now you don't feel excited do you? Cause it all seemed so normal and pretty boring cause it's all bout vegies... Well... behold! The lead characters of this buffet were not the salad, carrots nor the fried rice but Roasted Chicken, Wagyu Beef Spareribs and Lamb Leg! Leave alone the other food items on the menu, just these three dishes were enough to make my tummy kept screaming for more, especially the Wagyu Beef Spareribs! The meat was quite fattening with visible layers of fats in between each layer of beef meat. But at this point, who cares about cholesterol level and gaining weight? End of world is coming soon so just enjoy all the good food while we all can! And if you think having 3 meat dishes are too little, fear not! There was a BBQ station at the pool side where a chef would grill the food upon your request. The selections available for BBQ was lamb chop, jumbo sausages, squid, chicken wings and etc.

To sum up, these all worth more than $25 right? And also tea/coffee was served too! However, I would like to advise everyone to make early reservation before visiting the restaurant rather than walk in cause this buffet was really popular! Full house on a Thursday night during our visit and it wasn't even pay day yet! So do make reservation to secure your seats to avoid any disappointment :D

Contact: 2244272 ext. 8872

As sour as Lemon~

Appetizer station

Jellyfish served cold

Chicken Salad


Even the bread also looks so sexy, wuisehhhh!

Roasted Chicken

Lamb Leg, moi favorite!

Wagyu Beef Spareribs


Roasted potatoes with olive

Char-grilled carrots

Corn cobs in butter sauce

Yam stripes

My tweep kaki, Seck Kiat told the chef to give him bigger portion of meat!

Hwa never fails to act cute in front of camera *tsk tsk tsk, how old already?*

The BBQ station

Dinner at the poolside seems quite romantic

Another buffet kaki of mine, SKY. He also same, how old already still act cute *no eyes see*

Ice cream! Took Hubby awhile to find out where the ice cream station was placed :P


Bread and Butter Pudding

Creamy fruit salad


Soup of the day was Creamy Chili Soup; tasted like mustard soup to me

My first round!

Second round!

Third round!

SKY giving Hwa a "loser" sign posture cause Hwa was the first one raising his white flag

Serious discussion topic ongoing, don't play play ehhh

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Miele Guide 2011/2012 Edition

Please click on the banner on the right to vote for your favourite local restaurants as well as overseas!

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Few days ago, I was approached by Xiao Min, the consultant of ATE Consulting asking me if I am interested in motivating the locals to nominate and vote for the top restaurants in my country in accordance to the latest edition of The Miele Guide. How could I reject this?! I mean this is really a great opportunity for all of us Bruneians out there to let foodie lovers around the world to learn more about our local delicacies. And with this, local restaurants are also able to compete with each other thus improving the food quality and standards to satisfy more foodie lovers! Not only this, you can also vote for your favourite restaurants in other Asian region (outside Brunei). For example, in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Philippines and so on.

Just in case you've never heard or unsure of what The Miele Guide is, here is some information of it extracted from the website:-


"The Miele Guide was created in 2008 in order to better recognise and celebrate Asia’s best chefs and restaurants. This annual publication evaluates restaurants across the region and releases an annual ranking of Asia’s Top 20 restaurants in addition to profiling the best restaurants across Asia. Starting with the 2009/2010 edition, The Miele Guide will also reveal the Top 5 rankings within individual countries.

They are selected after four rounds of judging which have been set in place to ensure that a credible, transparent system is used to showcase establishments that deliver true excellence and exceptional dining. The multiple rounds of judging also ensure that The Miele Guide accurately reflects the opinions of the dining public in Asia as well as the region’s most respected restaurant critics.

The first round of judging consists of creating a shortlist of best restaurants as determined by the region’s top restaurant critics. The second and third rounds of judging will be conducted simultaneously via online polls. The public in addition to a jury of food professionals and prominent food lovers will be invited to cast their votes. Finally, our in-house team and contributing editors will be dining anonymously at the most highly rated restaurants to confirm our annual ranking of Asia's Top 20.

When assessing restaurants, all voters and jury members are asked to consider: (1) the quality of the food served; (2) the ambience of the restaurant; and (3) the level of service offered. Most importantly, their votes should reflect the tastes of Asian diners."

How to vote?

1. Firstly, just click on the banner on the right side of this blog. Then you would be lead to a new page and click on 'Vote Now' which appears on the top selection bar.

2. Register yourself by filling in your details then click 'Submit'.

3. Retrieve the email sent by Miele Guide in your email inbox and click on the link provided to activate your account.

4. After activated your account, you can start nominate and vote for your favourite restaurants in our country.

5. Each person gets 10 votes however, only maximum of 3 votes are allowed if you're going to vote for the restaurants in your own country.

It's just few simple steps and I believe if you have a passion for food, you would definitely wanna see your favourite restaurant or eatery get what it deserves right? The deadline is on 16th May 2011... So what 'cha waiting for?

VOTE NOW!!!!!!!!

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Friday, March 25, 2011

8th Anniversary Dinner, Manjaro Restaurant

Due to that Hubby had a business trip to Beijing this year, we were unable to celebrate our 8th anniversary on the actual day. Thus, I suggested to have an advanced dinner with him at Manjaro Restaurant located in Kiulap cause as far as I could remember, Hubby and I never dine there for ala carte.

The last time we went there together was years ago and we were having its buffet. And frankly speaking, I kinda miss its 'DIY' or customised pasta set (which I tried it during my visit to the restaurant with my course mates). I really wanted to let Hubby try it cause it was so delicious!

Unfortunately, it wasn't available anymore and in fact, they had some changes on the menu which it kinda disappointed me. Nonetheless, I tried to cheer myself up and ordered it's Honey Coated Lamb Chop while Hubby decided to go for Manjaro Tower since its name was rather interesting.

When the food arrived, I was rather surprised about the portion of the lamb chop, it was considered rather little for the price we paid for it. As for the Manjaro Tower, it was really really oily. But again, if it wasn't so oily, it was actually quite yummy and smelt really good with the fragrance of the herbs.

So, you can see, we weren't having a happy meal... Perhaps, we had chosen wrong choices of dishes. Should have asked for the recommendations from staffs, aiya!

Fresh chrysanthemum on each table

New menu~


Manjaro Tower

It was a very oily dish to me

Honey coated Lamb Chop

Thin slices of lamb chops, not so much of my liking :(

Plentiful of mushroom sauce being served

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Twestival Brunei 2011!

CDC Poster 4(2)

When I first found out about this event I was like "WOW!"

Being an active tweep, I was really impressed with this whole concept or idea of gathering all Bruneians Tweeps as well as other locals to work together in creating a better community in our country!

Kudos to Delwin Keasberry, the author of popular local website or also known widely as @BruneiTweet in Twitter and also @zulfadly and @emmagoodegg for their utmost effort in bringing all the tweeps and locals together to create changes in our community!

This is how you guys can help; simply drop by Swensens from 20th March 2011 (Sunday) until 24th March 2011 (Thursday) to purchase ice-creams and kid meals. You can also visit Kitaro Japanese Rsetaurant on 22nd March 2011 (Tuesday) where earnings from meals sold at 2 dinner set from 5.30pm to 7.30pm would also benefit the funds! Money raised would be donated to Child Development Centre and portion of it would be donated to CDC's World Down Syndrome Day in April 2011.

For more detailed information, here is the extract


TWESTIVAL BRUNEI - In support of the Child Development Centre, proudly supported by Swensens and Kitaro Japanese Restaurant, Brunei.

Twestival (or Twitter Festival) Brunei will take place on 24 March 2011 at Swensens, The Mall, Gadong from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. This evening of social media events aims to raise funds and awareness for a good cause and is a part of the official Twestival global event via the social media platform, Twitter. Across the world on the same day, Twestivals armed with the same aim will take place. In Brunei, our good cause is the Child Development Centre.

Under the Ministry of Health, a community-based rehabilitation centre known as the Child Development Centre (CDC) was formed in 1999. The primary objective of the CDC is to provide diagnosis, assessment, treatment and support for special needs children, to help them achieve optimal health as well as social and educational development. Referrals to the CDC are from various sources including specialist pediatrics and neonatology clinics, primary care sources, other clinical specialties, schools and by self-referrals. Following detailed assessment and confirmation of diagnosis, these children will be referred for specific therapy programmes.

Twestival Brunei aims to raise funds from the proceeds of ice cream and kid meals sales at Swensens, The Mall, Gadong from Sunday 20 March until Thursday 24 March AND a pre-Twestival dinner event at Kitaro Japanese Restaurant, Centerpoint, Gadong on Tuesday 22 March, where earnings from meals sold at 2 dinner sittings: 5.30pm and 7.30pm will also benefit the fund.

Monies raised will go towards the purchase of developmental toys, teaching aids and equipments for the children who undertake therapy at the CDC. A portion of it will also be used for the CDC's World Down Syndrome Day in April 2011.

The official launch of Twestival Brunei will happen on Thursday 24 March 2011 at Swensens, The Mall, Gadong from 7.30pm, to 9.30pm. The evening will be packed with fun events and where anyone who would like to come along and meet other Twitter users.

Extracted from: Brunei Twestival

So let's do some charity and if it's possible, do show up on the launching day! Who knows you might get to meet the creators of Food-Hungry? :P

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kota Kinabalu Trip (Dec 2010 - Day 3)

Finally, I have the mood to continue blogging bout my KK trip which happened in Dec 2010 and it's March 2011 now.. and and, my friends are leaving for another KK trip again tomorrow! I haven't even finish blogging bout it! *guilty*

Anyways, this entry is about my Day 3 in KK which was also my favourite day plainly because I got the chance to eat KK Kolo Mee! Haha! You don't know how much I love KK Kolo Mee (also known as 生肉面)! As well as the steamed beancurd and phoenix claws! *drools* Every time when I visited KK, I got chance to try out KK Kolomee from different restaurants and no exception too for this trip. Hubby brought us to an authentic Chinese kopitiam named "金沙园" or Kedai Kopi Melanian.

That area (where the kopitiam was located) was pretty lively at night with lotsa restaurants serving all sorts of food like steamboat, lok-lok and many more cafes where the youngsters usually hang out there. There was also this shopping complex but I forgot what is it called.. Oh, there was also a pet shop there! Addeline bought some canned food for her lovely Cookie and even a cheongsam for CNY!

Alright, back to food topic, as you all know the main difference between our Bruneian kolo mee and KK is the presentation of noodles and ingredients. In Brunei, both are mixed together but it's not such case in KK; a bowl of noodles is given and another bowl of soup with lotsa meat and other ingredients are provided too. Very interesting right? And Sibu has their own version of Kolo Mee too, even KL and TW. Now it got me thinking if there is actually someone writing a book and call it "The History and Evolution of Kolo Mee". I would be the first to grab that book for sure!

In KK, most kopitiam that serves Kolo Mee would also serves other typical KK breakfast dishes such as Steamed beancurd. And trust me, it's a must must must try! But we were kinda late for breakfast this day thus only 'fried beancurd' was left but nevertheless, it still tasted as good as steamed beancurd. As for the phoenix claws, it was my first time trying it and I must say it tasted quite different from the ones that I always had in Brunei, very different... but I loike it! Everyone gave thumbs up to it except SKY cause phoenix claws is listed under his "scary food" list.

If you guys are interested in visiting this kopitiam in your upcoming KK trip, below are the maps, addresses and phone numbers of the two branches of 金沙园 ^^



Needless to say, everyone ordered Kolo Mee haha!

Here is the menu

The iron lady who is in charged of preparing the kolo mee!

This is the Fried Beancurd I had mentioned earlier

This is our all time favorite Phoenix Claws!

And this is how KK Kolo Mee looks like and look at the portion of noodles given!

Everyone enjoying their fooooood

So after our breakfast, Wee and Addeline went to the pet shop that I had mentioned earlier to get some goodies for her little Cookie.

Cookie's new cheongsam... okie, maybe not so new anymore after few months haha

Cookie's food

Everytime when we passed by this car garage we would go "Waaaaaaaaaaa" because not just one but many posh cars were parked inside like Ferrari, Porsche and etc and it just made all of us droooooool!

So on this day, we decided to visit Suria Sabah!

Very kanasai Onitsuka Tiger owner



We made lotsa personalised chops from this stall!

And I also bought this book but haven't started reading it yet *guilty*

There was nothing much with Suria Sabah thus after roaming for awhile, we left for Wisma Merdeka because SKY finally decided to buy himself that pair of shoes. Wee also bought one and I also bought one and it can be said that this trip was really a shoes hunting trip. Almost everyone bought themselves new shoes or slippers :D

Trying on

Unsure why but most of the shoes brands were introducing purple shoes in Dec and this included Puma, Adidas and Nike..

After buying shoes, we then went to Centerpoint and bought some egg tarts from Egg Tart Prince to try out

It not only sell egg tarts but also many other types of pastries :D



People mountain people sea

Christmas Spirit in Centerpoint

SKY couldn't resist buying ice cream from this stall

And it stated there it's homemade and low calorie ice cream

Eat ice cream also give such fierce looks... scaryyyy!

Guess what we found? Woody shoes! It was so freaking cute but sadly it was kid sizes :((((

And this be the Buzz Lightyear shoes! So Cool! Wear liao can flyyy~

I was rewarded this gift voucher for buying a pair of running shoes and guess what? we spent this voucher buying socks haha :P

Warisan Square at night, looks pretty different from day time right?

We then headed to Upperstar for dinner on that night and actually we invited Rozzy to join us for dinner. Sadly, she couldn't made it :(

Spaghetti Carbonara

The all time favourite lamb chop

Mushroom soup


Alright, that's all for today. Students and teachers, enjoy your school holidays!

Hunnie Signing Off~