Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Video Assignment!

It really had been awhile since we last did a video assignment together. For this course, we were actually given options; either to write a 10 pages report or to do a video related to the topic.

After much considerations, we finally decided that this could really be the very last chance having all of us together to do a video. With this opportunity, we decided to make another animation video. Although it may not seem pro but this is at least the best of all videos that we had made throughout these 4 years.

Really thank you to the Rainbow crew for making all this possible!

The set up

Preparations before filming

Ai Wen arranging the props while Carmen and Andrew look on

After filming, we had food from Pizza Hut for lunch!

Hunnie Signing Off~

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Fox said...

Waaaa feast after work! O:

Your videos were always nice to watch :P Good luck with this one!