Friday, August 05, 2011

Afternoon Tea Buffet @ The Empire Hotel's Lobby Lounge

After so many months, I finally had a chance to try this out, YAY!!!!!!!!!

I've always been wanting to try out Empire Hotel Lobby lounge's English afternoon high tea set simply because I wanted at least for once, enjoy the short moment of being "Tai Tai"... sipping hot tea, having different types of cakes and finger food served on that tiered stand while gossiping with friends, lol!

BUT, it never came true :(

Finally when Hubby's voucher was about to expired, instead of letting the free vouchers gone towaste, he decided to bring me there to fulfill my Tai Tai wannabe wish. And because of this, I even made the reservation a week earlier to secure the seats :P

SKY decided to tag along last minute so there were three of us but the reservation was only for two. Thus, the staffs had to move extra chair from another place to the lobby lounge and this actually took them quite awhile, something which I didn't expect of because it was pretty ridiculous to go such a far place just to grab a chair. I could see that most of the tables were reserved thus the staffs didn't want to move the chair of the next table which was nearer to us and instead made extra effort to grab the extra chair from their store room (I think). But those seats weren't all filled up too =/

I still thank the staffs for their effort and they could actually do it better by putting smiles on their faces. Somehow I had a feeling that they weren't that happy with us... They would need some training to improve their CRM (customer relationship management).

Anyways, back to food! I didn't expect it to be buffet and I was actually expecting some afternoon high tea set with food served on tiered stand. The choices of food available were mini burgers, scones, sandwiches, fried wan tan, fried noodles and so on. It was considered quite plenty of choices but the quality wasn't there. The fried noodles tasted below average while the burger breads were too hard. However the sandwiches and cheesecakes were finger lickin' good!

Our vouchers were only valid for two diners and due to the reason that it was a buffet, we had to pay for the 3rd person. I learnt that the normal price for this buffet actually cost about $23 per pax which I don't think it worth that price at all. But fortunately enough, we were entitled to discount with Hubby's Empire Select membership.

Although we weren't that happy with the food and service but we still enjoyed it due to the ambience and environment. And this ended my very short Tai Tai wannabe experience haha!

Tea or Coffee?

Aerial view of Atrium Restaurant

Buffet line

Mini Tuna Burgers

Mini Beef Burgers



Fried Noodles

Deep Fried Prawn Balls

Sausages pastries

Fried Wan Tan

Beef Quiche

Bread and Pudding

Cake #1

Cake #2

Cake #3

Hunnie Signing Off~

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