Saturday, October 09, 2010

Ice Bar, Kiulap Plaza

My buddies were having steam boat mood and instead of having it at our usual spot, Berrywan, this time we decided to have shabu-shabu in Icebar instead.

It had been almost 2 yrs since my last visit and I gotta say nothing much had been changed except that they finally started serving snow ice which made it a real 'ice bar' now. The business was still as good as before and quite a couple of walk in customers had to wait patiently for seats. Thus, it's always better to book in advance.

However, some times even if you did book in advance, you might not be able to secure the seats too and that was what happened to us on that night. In the afternoon, we phoned to make reservation for dinner at 8pm and told the staff that we wanted to have the room. She told us no problem. But when we arrived there, we were arranged to have the long table outside the room. We enquired the staff and they said both rooms were occupied already and we were really disappointed. If both rooms were already booked before our phone call, the staff shouldn't had promised us. And when we wanted to order food, we waved here and there for the staffs' attention but it took really long time for them to come =(

Despite the bad service, I still wanna recommend you guys to try out their snow ice. It comes with 2 sizes and is cheaper too. For regular size, it cost $4.80 - $5.00 per bowl as for the larger size, it cost $5.80 - $6.00 per bowl; depending on the flavour you choose. Not only the price is cheaper even the taste is also better as it tasted richer (the ice itself is already flavoured). The only downside is that only few choices of snow ice available on the menu. And having a friend who loves snow ice a lot, I brought Shin and Fox (who joined in later) to give it a try and yeap, they liked it too!

Steamboat session with buddies!





The 3 Musketeers







It's boilinggg~

Yee Nee and Alan. See those red bins? They are like thrash bins which you can throw in the waste such as bones or used tissue papers. Quite thoughtful.

Look at the crowd!

Hubby's secret kolomee recipe


Addeline and Wee

Mango Ice; my first try on their snow ice

Below are more pictures of the snow ice during my revisit with Shin and Fox

I ordered Coffee Snow ice and the coffee taste was really rich and strong! And decorated with many biscuits making both Shin and Fox feeling jealous haha oh, half way eating, I had the feeling that I was eating sand instead of snow ice haha

Shin decided tried out Mango Snow ice after my recommendation

I don't quite remember this but I think it's Milky Snow ice. Those are not pearls but popping balls.

Hunnie Signing Off~

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