Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summary for Taiwan Trip in July 2010

As requested by quite a few readers, here is the itinerary of my Taipei Trip (July 2010).

Eat, Shop and Sightseeing

DAY 1 (In KK)

1. KK LCCT Airport - Checked in Promenade Hotel - Dinner at Upperstar - Back to hotel.

DAY 2 (In Taipei, Taiwan)

1. Arrived Tao Yuan Airport in the morning - Headed to SayLove Hotel - Taiwan Story Land - Shopping at the area nearby hotel (Taipei Front Station)
2. Wu Fen Pu Commercial Area - Rao He Night Market - Xi Men Ding

DAY 3 (In Taipei, Taiwan)

1. Jiou Fen + Taipei Main Station Underground Mall Food Court
2. Shihlin Night Market (Commercial Area): Dinner at Modern Toilet - Shopping - Supper at Steak House

Day 4 (In Taipei, Taiwan)

1. Eslite Store - Mr. J Restaraunt II - Taipei 101 - New York New York
2. Shin Kong Mitsukoshi - Dinner at Saboten (胜博殿) A9 of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi - Dumplings and Pot Stickers take away at "Ba Fang Yun Ji" (八方云集)

Day 5 (In Taipei, Taiwan)

1. Muzha Zoo + Xi Men Ding
2. Shihlin Night Market: Indoor Food Court and Commercial Area

Day 6 (In Taipei, Taiwan -> KK)

1. Breakfast at Burger King (Tao Yuan Airport T2) + Hello Kitty Duty Free Store + Late lunch at Koryo Jeong Restaurant in KK
2. Dinner at Toscani Wine & Dine - 3D Movie Experience - Supper at Sri Selera
3. Breakfast at Heng Long - Back to Brunei


1. Day 1 of my trip: Promenade Hotel (Api-Api area)
2. Last day of my trip: Imperial International Hotel (Warisan Square)

In Taipei, Taiwan
1. SayLove Hotel (Taipei Main Station area)

I'll write detailed entries later and link them back here. For now, it's just a list of places which I've visited and things that I've done during my trip. As you can see, I only visited Taipei as I only had four days in Taiwan thus I didn't have time for other cities in Taiwan (just Taipei alone has already got many worth visiting places and with my tight schedule, I had to sacrifice some places such as Danshui and Long Shan Temple *sniffs*).

Regarding accommodation in Taipei, I stayed in SayLove Hotel which is located within the Taipei Main Station area. Do check TripAdvisor for more reviews on hotels in Taiwan ;)

Hunnie Signing Off~

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