Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Restaurant Piring Emas, Batu Bersurat

Unsure if you guys knew that years ago, Lee Loi Fatt Foodstall opened a branch in Batu Bersurat which was same row as Shikai Restaurant.
But the business has been sold and new owner had took over and now it's called Restaurant Piring Emas.
Restaurant Piring Emas has only opened for a month (or probably less than a month?) and it's signature dishes are Chicken Rice and Laksa.
Upon arrival, when we asked for the food menu, the waiter actually told us, "Oh, the food we serve is just the same as Thian Thian Restaurant."
We then later found out, this restaurant's owner used to work for Thian Thian and that's why the food served in this restaurant are like 90% similar to Thian Thian.
And yeap, it's also cheaper which the chicken rice is $3 per plate.
The taste of the chicken rice is similar to Thian Thian but I thought the rice serving is a little less than Thian Thian (probably cause it cost $0.20 less :P).
Mom ordered Laksa but she didn't quite like it, she said it was too oily. The laksa cost us $2.50 if my memory serves me right.
It's still worth trying lar as it's cheaper than Thian Thian and they do serve other food like Fried Noodles (Dry/Wet) too.





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