Friday, April 30, 2010

Restaurant Aminah Arif, Serusop Branch

Remember I made a review on Restaurant Babu located in Kebangsaan Lama area weeks ago?
A few days later after I visited Restaurant Babu, Hubby and I visited Restaurant Aminah Arif branch located in Serusop (which is somewhere near to SD Cafe and Ayamku).
I guess when most people talked about restaurant serving ambuyat, first thing that came to their minds is Restaurant Aminah Arif as it's their specialty. I've did a review on it before but it was Kiulap branch.
And we have always heard how good does the Serusop branch serve so this time we decided to give it a try.
When we walked in, we felt that the restaurant is quite small. But, they do have more seats available on first floor and you can host any function there like birthday party and etc.
After grabbing seats, the waiter showed us their menu and we had the ambuyat set for 2 pax (it's ambuyat + 3 dishes + cacah).
The ambuyat set for 2 pax is $16 per set and to us, it's more than enough for 2 pax. It can actually serve up to 3 or even 4 pax (if you and your friends are really small eaters) as the portion of the side dishes is quite generous.
When Hubby and I finished up the ambuyat, there were still platefuls of side dishes and we ordered a plate of plain rice to eat with those dishes.
Hubby and I both agreed that Restaurant Aminah Arif Serusop branch does serve really good ambuyat as compared to other restaurants serving it. Even when compared to their Kiulap branch, Serusop branch is better.
I'm not good at describing it but that's how we felt after trying two eateries which serve ambuyat in less than a week's time and also compare to our past experience, we would say this is one of the best place in Bandar serving ambuyat.

p.s: try not to order "rebus" when the waiter ask you how you want your fish cooked cause the 'fishy smell' was soooooooooo strong. I guess having it deep fried might be better.







Anonymous said...

can i have contact number of aminah arif at serusop? coz i want to make a booking for sungkai later.

thank you

Hungryduo said...

Hi there, i'm sorry to say that I don't have their number.. =(

Hunnie <3