Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ramadhan Sungkai Promotion List 2015

Yo guys!

It's Ramadhan again and here I am, trying to compile all the Ramadhan Sungkai promotions just like how I did it for the past years.

Lately, there are so many newly opened restaurants and cafes in Brunei and I am actually expecting more promotions this year.

I still remember vividly that one of the best buffet I had during last year's Ramadhan was actually Excapade and I even re-visited the restaurant for the second time. As for Hubby, he had it 3 times haha

Another popular buffet promotion last year was Freshco's mega buffet which offered wide varieties of food including Auntie Anne's Pretzel! That was something new I thought.

Let's hope that this year's promotions will be more attractive and better than the previous years!

Again, if you know any eateries having sungkai promotions but are not on the list, you may provide me the details by commenting on this post and I'll add it to the list.

All Seasons Restaurant
Sungkai Buffet
Adult: B$25.80 Child: B$12.90 (6 to 12 years old)
* Children 5 years and below dine for free
* Starts on 22nd June till end of Ramadhan
* Available from 6PM onwards
Tel: 2338068

Anjung Saujana
Sungkai Buffet
Adult: B$32.90 Child: B$16.90
Tel: 2339207 / 2331853

Arabian Restaurant
Sungkai Buffet
Adult: B$24.90 Child: B$16.00 (6 to 12 years)
* Child below 6 years old dine for free
* Available from 6.20PM till 9PM

Badiah Hotel Restaurant
Sungkai Buffet
Adult: B$16.80 Child: B$8.80 (6 to 11 years old)
* 6 years and below dine in for free
* with added dim sum
Tel: 2220073 / 7292221

CheezBox Restaurant and Cafe
Ramadhan Sungkai Buffet
Adult: B$29.90 Child: B$15.90 (6 to 12 years old)
* FREE for 60 years old and above with minimum of 4 accompanying adults
* 2 kids + 2 adults get 1 Hello Kitty Merchandise for Free
Tel: 2425506 / 7295507

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
15% discount for ALL items
25% discount for DST and D'Card holders
25% discount for BIBD Gold card holders
35% discount for BIBD Platinum card holders

Coffee Zone
Ramadhan Sungkai Buffet
Adult: B$11.50 Child: B$5.90 (Below 12 years)
Tel: 2423333 (Centrepoint) 2239333 (Kiulap)

Dynasty Restaurant
Sahur Buffet
Adult: B$22.80 Child: B$16.80
Tel: 2430185/6

Emperor's Court
Sungkai Buffet
Adult: B$22.80 Child: B$13.80
Tel: 2422291/2

Excapade Sushi 
Adult: B$31.00 Child: B$15.50
* Only available in Regent Square branch
Tel: 2234011

Fish & Co.
Ramadhan Sungkai Platter
* Starts from B$17.95 to B$59.95
* Free jug of Bandung and dates
Tel: 2392666

Sungkai Mega Buffet
Adult: B$34.80 Child: B$15.90
* Available 6PM onwards
* Starts on 20th June 2015 until end of Ramadhan
Tel: 7293131 / 2201083

Genki Teppanyaki and Restaurant
Ramadhan Teppanyaki Sungkai Buffet
Adult: B$10.90 Child: B$6.90 (below 12 years old)
* Available from 18th June to 17th July 2015
* 2 years old and below dine for free
* Starts from 6PM to 8.30PM
Tel: 2332118 / 8134890

GK Restaurant 
Sungkai Buffet
Adult: B$15.90 Child: B$9.90 (3 to 10 years old)
* Free of charge for children below 3 years old
* Free complimentary salted egg crab
Tel: 2611728 / 2611648

Jeruton Lounge
Sungkai Buffet
Adult: B$10.80 Child: B$4.80 (4 to 12 years old)
Tel: 2612233

KB Sentral Grand Buffet
Ramadhan Sungkai Buffet
Adult: B$34.80 Child: B$15.90 (6 to 12 years)
* Children 5 years and below dine for free
* Available from 6PM onwards
* Starts on 20th June till end of Ramadhan
Tel: 8634076 / 3342337

Ramadhan Sungkai Buffet
Adult: B$28.90 Child: B$14.90 (below 12)
* Available from 6PM to 9PM
Tel: 2222233 / 7122283

Misato Restaurant
Sungkai Buffet
Adult: B$15.90 Child: B$9.90
* Available from 20th June till last day of Ramadhan
Tel: 2239159 (Kiulap)

Misato Teppan-Grill
30%  discount off from the menu
Available from 18th June to last day of Ramadhan
Tel: 2241331 (Mabohai Complex)

Momo Restaurant 
Sungkai Buffet
Adult: B$22.80 Child: $10.80
Tel: 8999807 / 2611618 / 8613329

Nyaman Restaurant
 Sungkai Buffet
Adult: B$9.90 Child: B$6.80 (below 10 years old)
* Available from 19th June till 16th July 2015
* Starts from 6PM to 8.30PM
Tel: 2231788 / 8640480 / 8890415

Nyonya Restaurant
Sungkai Buffet
Adult: B$13.80 Child: B$9.90 (5 to 11 years old)
Tel: 2447090 (Gdg) 2340038 (Serusop)

Orchid Garden Hotel
Ramadhan Sungkai Buffet Promotion 
Adult: B$24.80 Child: B$14.80 (Below 12 years)
* Available from 1st day of Ramadhan till last day of Ramadhan
* Starts from 6PM to 10PM
Weekend Sahur Steamboat Buffet
Adult: B$20.80 Child: B$14.80 (Below 12 years)
* Available on Fridays and Saturdays only
* From 11PM to 2AM
Tel: 2335544

Paddington House of Pancakes
Ramadhan Buffet
Adult: B$29.00 Child: B$15.00 (4 to 12 years)
* Child below 3 years old dine for free
* Available from 6PM onwards
* B$5.00 will be charged for every 200gm of wastage
Tel: 2331668 / 7291668

Sungkai Buffet Promotion
Adult: B$16.90 Child: B$8.90 (6 to 12 years)
* Children 5 years and below dine for free
* Available on 20th June till last day of Ramadhan
* Starts from 6PM onwards
Tel: 2338061 (Times Square) 2671977 (Tanjung Bunut)

Pizza Hut 
Ramadhan All You Can Eat Pizza Buffet
Adult: B$15.00 Child: B$7
* Free flow of drinks
* Available in Gdg, The Mall and Airport Mall branches
Tel: 2425705 (Gdg) 2422608 (The Mall)

Radisson Hotel - Tasek Brasserie Restaurant
Ramadhan Buffet
Adult: B$28.00 Child: B$14.00 (4 to 11 years old)
* Available from 6.30PM to 9.30PM
* For every 9 adults dining, the 10th eats free
Tel: 2244272 ext 8872

Seasons Restaurant
Sungkai Buffet
Adult: B$27.90 Child: B$14.90
Tel: 2422291/2

Shifa Isdha and Khaz Corner
Sungkai Buffet
Adult: B$10.00 Child: B$6.00 (12 years and below)
Tel: 8627962 / 8624464 / 7215081

Shinobu Shabu Shabu
Sungkai Buffet Promotion
Adult: B$16.90 Child: B$8.90
Tel: 2337986

Sushi Tei
Sungkai Promotion
$2 sushi deal daily for the whole month
* Available at Gdg Central only
* From 10AM to 10PM
Tel: 2449977

Sungkai All You Can Eat Buffet
Adult: B$24.80 Child: B$12.80 (4 to 11 years old)
* Available from 6.30PM to 10.00PM
Tel: 2427790

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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Dynasty Restaurant: Malaysian Food Festival

Malaysia is a place where it is made up of multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, which we all have already knew. It is also these characteristics of the country which indirectly created an unique food culture in the country which is seriously unbeatable in other parts of the world.

Malay, Chinese and Indian; are the three major ethnic groups which made up of its distinctive food culture. And with 13 states in the country, each state has its own cooking tradition and practices which are not found in other states. For example; Kolo Mee may be a very common breakfast dish which can be easily found in any cities or towns in Sarawak state (and even Brunei!) but it is a dish which can't be found in other states such as Sabah and Kuala Lumpur. Hence, this is why we can never get bored of Malaysian food! From early mornings to mid nights, you will have no problem finding food especially street food. It's just a country where you will never find yourself starve!

I was all excited when I was invited to have lunch at Dynasty Restaurant for its Malaysia Food Festival buffet theme which is only available from 28th October to 11th November 2014. 

As a joint collaboration between Royal Brunei Catering and Tourism Malaysia, it aims to give the public a better understanding of Malaysia's special food culture. By dining there, diners will get to savour dishes prepared by Malaysia's popular celebrity chef, Chef Kamarul who has hosted numberous cooking shows in Malaysia. Not to forget, on 5th November onward diners would also receive free drawings by Malaysian caricaturist, Mr. Oly as well as enjoying teh tarik performance by Malaysia's Raja Teh Tarik, Mr. Meor.  

To top it off, diners stand the opportunity to win lucky draws which the grand prize is 3 days 2 nights return air tickets to Kuala Lumpur for 2 persons which even include accommodation! That sounds really cool isn't it?

Alright, back to the real business!

The buffet is basically divided into three main sections which are the appetizers and soup station, main courses and desserts station. During dinner buffet, there will be additional dishes and even a noodles station (not available for lunch buffet).

The appetizer and soup station; soup of the day was seaweed soup.

Kerabu Udang Nyonya; representing the unique Malaysian Peranakan food tradition


Braised duck and chicken

The main course station


Ayam Masak Merah prepared by Chef Kamarul which was finger lickin' good!

Ikan Siakap Masak Zamrud; this dish gotta be my favourite of all! I was told that it's one of Chef Kamarul's popular recipes and it certainly is!

Minced chicken beancurd; and this gotta be one of the significant Chinese dishes.

Malaysian Mee Goreng with Fu Rong Omelette in the background

Daging Gerang Assang Melaka; another delicious dish prepared by Chef Kamarul

Free flow of coffee and tea were served during the buffet

Dessert station

Assorted kueh and cakes available to spoil your choice

Wide varieties of tropical fruits

Longan tofu 'tong shui'

For those interested, below are the prices and contact details. Hurry up and make your reservations now before the promotion ends!


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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Excapade Sushi Japanese Restaurant Sungkai Buffet 2014

Ever since Excapade first introduced its sungkai buffet few years back, it has then became one of the few iconic sungkai buffet which many people are looking forward to every year. Simply because it is only available once a year during the Ramadhan period. This year, the sungkai buffet is only available in their Kiulap Regent Square branch.

Being one of the few popular and successful eateries in Brunei, everyone is already aware of Excapade's premium hospitality and food quality. And when it comes to the buffet, I gotta say it's "no play play"!

The price of the buffet is B$29.90 for an adult this year and discount would be given if you're paying with the Baiduri credit card (only available from Monday to Thursday). Some people might find it too expensive but honestly, it's not! Just look at the wide selection of food available on the buffet menu and by simply trying out a few dishes, it has already break even.

Like I mentioned earlier, Excapade really gave its best in providing the freshest and top quality of food for the buffet. Excapade not only own numerous branches but also self import the ingredients, hence it is able to guarantee on the freshness of the seafood and most of the ingredients are actually flown in from Japan!

Every year, the highlight would be on the wide selection of sashimi served in the buffet but this year, it's actually the coffee machine and ice cream to us! Hubby, SKY and Chee Hwa actually managed to eat at least 8 bowls of ice cream last year and as for this year, it's slightly different with the addition of the coffee machine. Yeap, we DIY affogato ourselves! Although we just simply "hamtam" only but it tasted really good, no joke!

I gotta say good job to Excapade! Not only did we enjoy the food, we also enjoyed the warm hospitality and service by the crew. And they really deserve the most popular Japanese restaurant title in Brunei!

Many did not know that these sushi on the conveyor belt are also included in the buffet and hence missed it out.

The main courses station

Garlic fried rice

Iko Shogayaki

Green mussels


Chicken balls in skewers

Salmon Asparagus; my favorite! 

Baked cheese scallops

Teriyaki Beef

Mixed vegetables 

Chawan mushi

And here comes the sashimi station! Look at all these colorful sashimi! These would definitely make your B$29.90 worth spent! 

My favourite!!!

And this too!!!!!!!!


Smoked salmon

Hokkaido Snowcrabs! Now you don't have to fly all the way to Hokkaido to have these, you can also have it in Excapade Brunei!

These egg rolls taste so soft and fluffy just like kek bingka, no joke!

More dishes!

Norwegian Cocktail Prawns 


For the green lovers~





Different varieties of tempura available during our visit and Hubby kept praising on how delicious their prawn tempura is!

The drinks and dessert station

Ta-da! The coffee machine I talked about! 

Fruits and puddings

Really love the texture of their ice cream, it's so different from the ones selling at supermarkets. For your information, matcha flavour is not available on the buffet menu. You may order it but of course, with extra charges. 

Our DIY affogato!

Hunnie Signing Off~