Monday, February 17, 2014

Baby Recipes: Avocado (4.5 months - 6 months)

When Ashton was finally ready for solids, without much thinking we both decided to let his first food as avocado. This is because avocado, to us, is pretty tasteless and it's soft which would be easier for him to swallow as he hadn't get used to swallowing solids food other than breast milk. And also, it's really easy to prepare!

Feeding your little one avocado doesn't require you to steam, boil or even blend the fruit to puree state.

What I did was.....

Method #1:
1. Cut the avocado fruit into half.
2. Use a baby spoon to scrap out small amount of the 'meat' to feed your baby. 

For some parents, they prefer this method below.

Method #2:
1. Peel and de-pit the avocado. 
2. Mash the avocado fruit with a masher or spoon. **

** or you may blend the fruit with a blender.

I personally think that the second method requires more effort and time spending on mashing the avocado to purify it or even blending also requires you to do washing on the equipment later.

Don't worry if your little one can't finish his/her avocado as this is common because they are still learning to accept new food other than milk. Also, their main source of nutrients still come from milk and not these solids food. Do remember NOT to feed the leftover food to your babies as it might have got contaminated.

To preserve the halved unused avocado, you may store it properly in a container and don't forget to add in lemon to prevent it from turning brown!

On side note, if you're not an expert at choosing avocado (like me, lol!) you might want to leave your avocados untouched for 3-4 days before feeding your little one just to make sure it has ripen. From what I know, the price for avocado is roughly B$1.90 to $2.10 each and can be found in local supermarkets such as Hua Ho, Supasave, Utama Grand, Jaya Hypermart and etc.

Bon appetit!

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Baby Ash: Starting on solids

As the title states, Baby Ash has already started on solids and he is almost 8 months old now!

He started solids when he was 6 months old and I know it might sound late to some parents as most babies are allowed to start feeding on solids as early as 4.5 months old. But since my son is fully breastfed (even until now), so we thought it would be better for him to start solids when he is at least 6 months old.

And because he started late thus he needs to get used to the swallowing of pureed food as well as accepting different variety of tastes other than breast milk. Ok, now you might be curious how does breast milk taste like so let me tell you, it's actually sweet hahahaha!

Now that he already has 2 teeth on the bottom, I've started to feed him porridge as well as other pureed food with 'stickier' texture instead of watery like before when he just started. This is because at this age of him, he needs to practice on chewing his food instead of just swallowing it down his throat.

Being a new mom, I did a lot of research online as well as asking experienced moms regarding feeding solids to my baby. I had not much culinary experience thus I had to keep on looking for the baby food recipes online, learning how to prepare healthy baby food for my son and which nutrient does he need the most at this age. I'm sure there are other new moms like me who are feeling helpless and clueless when it comes to this. Hence, I've decided to share some of the baby recipes and methods on how I prepare baby food for my son!

So stay tune for more updates!

Oh and here is a latest photo of Baby Ash!

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Sunday, October 06, 2013

Spaghettini, The Empire Hotel & Country Club


Few days ago I was browsing through my old folders and found these pictures which I feel like to share it with you guys today.

These pictures were taken during our first dining experience in Spaghettini 2 years back. I don't remember why I didn't make a review on this but I guess it's not too late to share these pictures with you guys now.

As for the review, I am not going to do that because it is rather unfair since my visit to the restaurant was 2 years back and many things could have changed. But still I must say it was one of my most enjoyable dining experience. I really love the food very much and I still remember how juicy and tender the steak was.

I guess we should make a return visit soon!

Hot towel served when we were seated 

The menu with detail descriptions for each dish

Complimentary bread 

Three types of butter were served together with the bread




Our entree

Close up

Beef Carpaccio; best I've ever tried so far! 

Lobster bisque; I miss having this so much! 

My main course 

Close up on the steak. It's actually wasabi ice cream on top of the meat. 

Hubby's main course

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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Auntie's Kolomee

Months ago, I saw a friend of mine liking a new page and appeared on my Facebook newsfeed which got me curious and decided to click on the link. Then I found out it is a new home eatery named "Auntie's Kolomee" and it got me really excited and immediately 'jio' my friends to try it out haha!

I read up the page, browsed the photos on its albums and oh man, those kolomee sure looks so yummylicious! And immediately I phoned up the eatery so that I could order some noodles to cure my kolomee crave! (Additional info: One of the food that I miss the most during confinement period was actually kolomee!). Unfortunately, the person in charge told me that they don't accept last minute order because their business is still developing so they usually don't prepare the food in large portion. Thus, when I made the call their noodles and braised meat have already sold out. Therefore if you're to order from them, make sure you phone them a day earlier to place your order or at least few hours before.

For example, if you wanna collect the noodles for your dinner at 7pm, make sure that you call to make your order at about 1pm or 2pm latest.

The kolomee and braised meat not only look good in photos but taste as delicious as it looks too! I love the type of noodles being used as it is not so starchy and the sauce that this Auntie uses is the gravy from the braised meat which is rather unique and helps in adding more aroma and flavor to the noodles!  

Although the price of the basic kolomee cost $2 per packet but the Auntie is so generous is giving many types of toppings like braised eggs, braised meat and fish cake. Not to forget, every time when I order, Auntie would also give me bottles of home blended chili and extra gravy so that the noodles won't taste so dry. She is so thoughtful! Also, the noodles are packed in take away boxes which is more environmental friendly. They also provide delivery service too but only to certain areas and it is only for order worth $20 above.

For more information regarding the Auntie's Kolomee, please search for their page on Facebook. Their contact number and menu are all stated on their page.

It is really worth trying!!!

The phoenix claws cost $1 for 4 and in this picture you can see a bottle of blended chili given free by Auntie

Kolomee Special which cost $3.50 

They also serve Kolo Mee Pok

Braised Chicken Special set which cost $4.50 

There was once which Auntie gave me extra phoenix claws and sauce for free! She is just too kind lar! 

The Braised Chicken Wings cost $1.20 for each 

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Yugo BBQ & Shabu-shabu, Gadong Central

Ola people!

I can't believe that my last review was done in May and this is only the 5th review in this year! I've been slacking I know and I feel guilty about it... I swear!

Well ever since two years ago, I've been busy preparing for my wedding and just when I thought I would have more time to manage this blog after my wedding ceremonies, I found out that I was expecting. Throughout my pregnancy, I wasn't in very good health as I was diagnosed with Thalassemia (ironically, I only found out about this during my pregnancy -___________-). I got tired easily and was feeling sleepy 24/7. Also, there were just so much food that I wasn't allowed to eat (even until now because I'm still breastfeeding). Thus, it really made me felt so lazy and unmotivated to do any food review. And now with a baby to be taken care of, I am just like a teenage girl being 'grounded' by her parents (durrr!). I don't go out as frequently as before... probably only once or twice a week TT^TT

I guess these really explain why the lacks of updates. Also there are quite a few travelogues which I've been wanting to share with you guys so so so so much!!! My Jakarta & Bandung trip as well as Singapore, KL, Kuching trips. Hope I can blog about it soon and I still owe you guys the entry on my last day in Bali TTT^TTT

Arghh! This really makes me feel like to scream "神啊!请给我多一点时间!"

Ok ok, I know I am just being dramatic.

Alright, I'll just move on to today's food review which is Yugo BBQ & Shabu-shabu.

Lately there has been a rise in number of shabu-shabu restaurants opening in Brunei and it got me wondering do Bruneians really love steamboat/shabu-shabu that much?

I do love steamboat especially during rainy nights. However, I only prefer having it at home (there are just too many reasons why I love having steamboat at home so I won't state it here).

In May, I finally had a chance to visit Yugo BBQ to celebrate my brother in law's birthday. Before my visit, I've heard some good comments regarding it from friends but when asked about the cons, all of them answered the same thing, the price and which I do agree.

What makes Yugo stands out among its competitors is that it does not only serve shabu-shabu but also BBQ. And I wouldn't say much about its shabu-shabu because in my opinion steamboat requires some 'techniques' for example which ingredients to put in the pot first and which one last. Broth also plays an important role when it comes to steamboat (that's why I said I love home cooked steamboat!) and I always like to order tom yam soup rather than other types of soup just to play safe. Like during this visit, my parents in law each ordered their Chicken Tonic Soup broth and both of them were disappointed. It turned out everyone likes the Tom Yam Soup broth that I ordered.

BBQ. Flipping through the menu, we noticed that the menu for BBQ is quite expensive. But since we were there already so we decided to just give it a go by ordering the mixed grill ingredients. I must say that it really did surprise me. The meat was very flavorful and did remind me of Korean BBQ. We enjoyed it so much that we had to order additional set even though we were already feeling full. My suggestion is that if you do eat chicken, lamb and beef then you should order the mixed meat set instead of the single choice set as it's more worth yet you get to try out different kinds of meat.

On weekdays (Mon to Thurs), Yugo's shabu-shabu set is much cheaper than usual price and there are two options available which are: Chicken + Lunch Set or Beef + Lunch Set. Each set is only $6.90 and what's more it also comes with noodles or rice at your choice. If you have longer lunch break then you might wanna give this a try.

Another tip is that it is always better to make earlier reservation rather than walk in. During my visit, I noticed that there were quite a few people queuing outside the restaurants waiting for their turn to dine in it. And also the layout of the restaurant is quite inflexible which means each table may only fit in 6-8 patrons at most. If you're visiting it with a big group, you would probably need 2 or more tables which of course would then required earlier reservation to secure the seats. All these that I mentioned happened during my visit and I think it's important for me to highlight it here.

Overall, it was a pleasant visit and if I am making a revisit, I'll definitely order the BBQ set again *slurps*


The soup base available in the restaurant for shabu-shabu

For each shabu-shabu set, there are two size options:- large or mini set

Yugo also serves homemade fish paste and prawn paste for the shabu-shabu menu

This is the condiments station 

The interior of Yugo 

The ingredients for shabu-shabu (large set)

Salmon set

Lamb set

Scallop set

Chicken Tonic broth

Mixed meat set for the BBQ


Everytime when I'm having shabu-shabu, I'll always make myself a bowl of kolomee like the picture above haha!  

The lunch promotion sets 

Here is the information of Yugo ;) 

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