Thursday, July 10, 2014

Excapade Sushi Japanese Restaurant Sungkai Buffet 2014

Ever since Excapade first introduced its sungkai buffet few years back, it has then became one of the few iconic sungkai buffet which many people are looking forward to every year. Simply because it is only available once a year during the Ramadhan period. This year, the sungkai buffet is only available in their Kiulap Regent Square branch.

Being one of the few popular and successful eateries in Brunei, everyone is already aware of Excapade's premium hospitality and food quality. And when it comes to the buffet, I gotta say it's "no play play"!

The price of the buffet is B$29.90 for an adult this year and discount would be given if you're paying with the Baiduri credit card (only available from Monday to Thursday). Some people might find it too expensive but honestly, it's not! Just look at the wide selection of food available on the buffet menu and by simply trying out a few dishes, it has already break even.

Like I mentioned earlier, Excapade really gave its best in providing the freshest and top quality of food for the buffet. Excapade not only own numerous branches but also self import the ingredients, hence it is able to guarantee on the freshness of the seafood and most of the ingredients are actually flown in from Japan!

Every year, the highlight would be on the wide selection of sashimi served in the buffet but this year, it's actually the coffee machine and ice cream to us! Hubby, SKY and Chee Hwa actually managed to eat at least 8 bowls of ice cream last year and as for this year, it's slightly different with the addition of the coffee machine. Yeap, we DIY affogato ourselves! Although we just simply "hamtam" only but it tasted really good, no joke!

I gotta say good job to Excapade! Not only did we enjoy the food, we also enjoyed the warm hospitality and service by the crew. And they really deserve the most popular Japanese restaurant title in Brunei!

Many did not know that these sushi on the conveyor belt are also included in the buffet and hence missed it out.

The main courses station

Garlic fried rice

Iko Shogayaki

Green mussels


Chicken balls in skewers

Salmon Asparagus; my favorite! 

Baked cheese scallops

Teriyaki Beef

Mixed vegetables 

Chawan mushi

And here comes the sashimi station! Look at all these colorful sashimi! These would definitely make your B$29.90 worth spent! 

My favourite!!!

And this too!!!!!!!!


Smoked salmon

Hokkaido Snowcrabs! Now you don't have to fly all the way to Hokkaido to have these, you can also have it in Excapade Brunei!

These egg rolls taste so soft and fluffy just like kek bingka, no joke!

More dishes!

Norwegian Cocktail Prawns 


For the green lovers~





Different varieties of tempura available during our visit and Hubby kept praising on how delicious their prawn tempura is!

The drinks and dessert station

Ta-da! The coffee machine I talked about! 

Fruits and puddings

Really love the texture of their ice cream, it's so different from the ones selling at supermarkets. For your information, matcha flavour is not available on the buffet menu. You may order it but of course, with extra charges. 

Our DIY affogato!

Hunnie Signing Off~

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Misato Japanese Restaurant Sungkai Buffet 2014

What's up peepz!

Here is the much awaited sungkai buffet review from me and for this year, the first sungkai buffet we decided to try is Misato Japanese Restaurant!

When it comes to the price range among these Japanese restaurants which serve sungkai buffet, Misato is usually the lowest among all. But of course, you can't really compare it with the others because sashimi is not served on the buffet menu and hence the cheaper price tag. Basically, you get what you're paying for but slightly more in this case.

For the price of B$15.80 (adult), you get to try out a wide array of Japanese food and being one of the few reputable local Japanese restaurants, Misato provides good quality of food and service. Through out the dinner, the chefs kept on refilling the empty food trays with more food. Also something to mention here is that from what I observed on that night, they did not repetitively refill the empty trays with the same food they served previously. In fact, they had changed some of the main courses menu which to me it is a good thing as we get to try out more varieties of food which we might not get to try during normal dine in.

If you're interested, here are the details for Misato's Ramadhan promotion:

Misato Japanese Restaurant
Sungkai Buffet at KIULAP branch
Adult: B$15.90 Child: B$9.90 (below 10)
* Available from 29th June until last day of Ramadhan.
Sahur Promotion
35% discount off on all food items except drinks.
* Available from 14th July until last day of Ramadhan.
* Starts from 11PM to 2.30AM.
* Business is closed during day time.
Tel: 2239159

Misato at KUALA BELAIT branch
Dine in special
25% discount off for all food items except drinks.
* Available from 29th June until last day of Ramadhan.
* Starts from 5.30PM to 9.30PM.
* Business is closed during day time.
Tel: 3337959

Misato Teppan-Grill at Mabohai Complex
Teppanyaki Sungkai Buffet 
Adult: B$18.90 Child: $8.90 (below 10)
* Available from 29th June until last day of Ramadhan.
* Starts from 5.30PM to 9.30PM.
* Business is closed during day time.
Tel: 2241331

Misato - 1

Misato - 2

Misato - 3

Misato - 4

Misato - 5

Misato - 6

Misato - 7

Misato - 8

Misato - 9

Misato - 10

Misato - 11

Misato - 12

Misato - 13

Misato - 14

Misato - 23

Misato - 15

Misato - 24

Misato - 16

Misato - 17

Misato - 18

Misato - 19

Misato - 20

Misato - 21

Misato - 22

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